New Panda Bear Album Streaming Online

Part of NPR’s “First Listen” series – streaming this week in anticipation of next week’s release.

By Blurt Staff

Blurt fave Panda Bear, currently featured in our new issue that has just hit newsstands, releases his new album Tomboy – the eagerly awaited followup to Person Pitch – next week on April 12. Over at NPR they have a full album stream set up so you can start gearing up for the release date.

In our article, Panda Bear – aka Noah Lennox, also of Animal Collective – acknowledges that this record is more guitar oriented than some fans might have anticipated. “It’s
a much more tactile sensation. There’s a greater physicality to playing the
guitar,” says Lennox. “When I’m lucky, a song can often just write itself. I’m not all that
great of a guitarist though, so a lot of the time I have to figure out a way to
play the chord I want to hear. Truth be told, I guess I only know about seven
or eight chords.”

He also discloses the reasons for the lengthy gap between the solo releases: “It was mostly a matter of pulling double duty between the band and myself. I
wanted it to be the right time, and on my own terms. Then again, I think that
probably just hearkens back to being pulled in all these separate directions. I
can say, definitively, that making [Tomboy] was a slower process for

[Photo Credit: Brian DeRan]




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