Neil Young Tops Blurt SXSW Poll


Yes, you still love


By Blurt Staff


Well, that was inconclusive.


“That” would be our latest hi-tech, interactive poll in
which we asked you to tell us which year, out of the 25 South By Southwest
festivals that have been held so far, was the best. 2006, when Neil Young
delivered the keynote address, was the clear “winner,” with 9% of the tally,
but when you consider that represents a whopping 6 votes and that there was a
subsequent pile-up for ties at the 2nd and 3rd place
marks… you’ll get the idea if you look at the results below.



Only real head scratcher: the four-place tie for last that
brings together a motley crew of Bob Guccione, Jr., Robert Christgau, Michelle
Shocked and former Texas Gov. Ann Richards. It will take some time to ferret
out the common denominator for that…


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