Lee Perry Teams Up w/Bill Laswell


Dub album features guests from P-Funk, TV On The
Radio, M.O.D., Matisyahu and more.


By Blurt Staff


Lee “Scratch” Perry, who
recently turned 75, is set to drop his latest studio outing, Rise Again, due May 10 from Bill
Laswell’s M.O.D. Technologies imprint. It  marks a long-awaited collaboration between
Perry and the New York-based producer (and a team of talented musicians and
guests). It’s a match made in heaven, and it ain’t no April Fool’s joke either,


Wait’ll you see who Laswell
has recruited:


Vocalists Tunde Adebimpe
(frontman for Brooklyn art punks TV On The Radio), Gigi Shibabaw (whose Mesgana Ethiopia was released last year)
and Hawkman (co-lead throat for the Laswell-founded group Method Of Defiance);
P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell (keyboards); Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax & flute);
Steven Bernstein (trumpet); Josh Werner (bass; Matisyahu/Wu-Tang); Hamid Drake
(drums); Sly Dunbar (drums); Dominick James; and Aiyb Dieng


“I really should have
connected with Scratch a long time ago,” Laswell told Bass Player magazine last December. “A lot of it is just about a
contact. [Matisyahu bassist] Josh Werner was playing in Scratch’s band, and I
had worked with Josh. He suggested trying to create something with Scratch, and
I was certain no record company in their right mind would touch it, which is
why we’re doing it ourselves. It’s a real production, and really conscious of
bringing out Lee Perry. It’s his presence that keeps this thing moving. Is the
whole idea crazy? That’s part of what makes it worth doing.”


On Rise Again, Perry commands the mic while Laswell dips deep into
vintage Scratch-styled dub but, as the label advises, “with the stereo
thickness, clarity and warmth of a true state-of-the-art recording.”


In other news, Lee Perry’s
documentary portrait The Upsetter,
narrated by Benicio Del Toro, will be released in theaters and on DVD in 2011.





1 Higher Level

2 Scratch Message

3 Orthodox

4 Wake the Dead

5 Rise Again

6 African Revolution

7 Dancehall Kung Fu

8 E.T.

9 House of God

10 Butterfly

11 Inakaya (Japanese Food)



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