Bush Tetras Return w/Rare Show, Vinyl


Limited edition single pairs up classic tunes, on pink
and blue vinyl no less.


By Blurt Staff


Not only will the Bush Tetras
be playing a rare live show this April 15th at The Kitchen to commemorate the
arts space’s 40th anniversary, but they are also dropping some limited edition
vinyl: two of the ‘Tetras most seminal tracks on 7 inch vinyl: the original 99
Records recording of Too Many Creeps (1980) and You Can’t Be Funky (produced by
The Clash’s Topper Headon in 1982).


This vinyl 45 will be
available on April 15, the day of the Bush Tetras’ show at the Kitchen, on
black and limited edition blue and pink vinyl (only 100 copies of each color.


For those unfamiliar with the
NYC outfit, Bush Tetras are one of the most important and revered bands to
emerge from the burgeoning punk/no-wave scene of the late seventies and early
eighties. As much punk as funky dance music purveyors, the Bush Tetras left an
indelible mark on the future of new music. Everyone from The Clash to Henry
Rollins wanted to work with them and their influence can be heard in bands as
divergent as Sonic Youth and LCD Soundsystem


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