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Report: Pixies Live in Hamilton, Ont.

A capacity crowd greets the Beantown
legends on April 20 at the Hamilton
Convention Center, and
the entire Doolittle summarily unfolds.


Text &
Photos by April S. Engram

After releasing
their comprehensive collector’s boxset a year ago, Minotaur, the Pixies began touring heavily. For this “Doolittle
Tour” Pixies performed every song, in succession, from their 1989 album Doolittle in addition to a few fan
favorites for their audience. Sounding just as intense and fresh as on the day
they were released, it is a sobering reminder of how progressive the songs of Doolittle are as Pixies celebrate 22 years
since its conception.


Before the eager
crowd was treated to hearing the sounds of the talented musicians, Pixies
played a creative montage of film clips. After several minutes of dramatic
music and the sepia tinted film, an impatient fan shouted “Quit teasing us!” Unfortunately
her wish was not yet granted as some more time passed before the lights grew
completely dark and the Pixies emerged.


The audience
erupted once Kim Deal, Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering took
their positions behind their instruments. Deal greeted the delighted spectators
and happily announced, “we’re going to play some B-sides,” and the night of
great music began.  The first four songs
were greeted with enthusiasm from the crowd, but once Deal struck the first
bass riffs to “Debaser,” the most eager of fans cheered even louder and threw
their hands in the air.




With “La La Love
You,” Deal introduced drummer Lovering sang the tongue-in-cheek song. Once the
track was finished Deal teased, “So David, do you look at the ladies in the
audience when you sing that?” He murmured an inaudible something to Deal, she
laughed heartily. The upbeat atmosphere continued as the audience sang along
with Francis for nearly every song; and, at each songs end Pixies were drowned
in loud applause.



“Wave of
Mutilation,” “Hey,” “Gouge Away,” “I Bleed” were all favorites with “Monkey
Gone To Heaven” drawing the most fanfare of the “Doolittle” selection. Those in
the front jumped as soon as the familiar song began and waited with anticipation
for Francis to shout “Then God is seven” at the song’s core as they bellowed
along with him.



With the end of
“Gouge Away” the Pixies put down their instruments and each member approached four
points of the stage and waved thankfully to the receptive crowd. They then
stood together in the center and in conjunction with a film playing on the
large screen behind them, lined up in order and took several bows before



The audience
cheered on until Pixies returned. Deal thanked the crowd again for the support
and they leapt into the UK Surf version of “Wave of Mutilation.” For “Into The
White,” the stage was drowned in white fog as Deal’s voice eerily echoed the
lyrics “into the white” at the song’s close.

Yet again, they waved goodbye and several audience members began leaving the
venue with the majority of the fans applauding and cheering for more. Several
minutes went by. I thought to myself, “Well, I’ll stay until the lights come
on.” And certainly, the venue lights were turned on and several people turned
to leave when suddenly Lovering’s bass drum vibrated through the walls once
again. The second encore was beginning.





The four songs
that Pixies fans seemed to be craving the most were met with great support. To
the classic “Where Is My Mind?” the audience sang louder than they ever did as
Francis let them sing the last chorus. Just before the end of “Gigantic,” Deal
asked the guys to quiet it down and as she calmly played the timeless riff, she
again thanked everyone for coming to the show then confessed that she’d be
going to bed once done. She turned to each member and asked them their plans.
She lastly asked Francis, “Charles, how about you? Going to bed after this?” “I
just woke up,” he laughed then the Pixies closed the evening.


A fantastic album,
Doolittle, was played flawlessly. And
as timeless as it may be to listen to the older, influential tunes of Pixies,
hopefully the Boston
quartet will conjure up a new album in the future.


















No. 13 BABY






Encore 1




Encore 2








Watch Vid, Win Maggie Björklund LP!

Repost the video and
win fabulous prizes! Also post your comments, Likes, etc. via Facebook and the
participating sites.


By Blurt Staff


First things first: Bloodshot Records artist Maggie Björklund is hands-down our favorite Copenhagen-based pedal steel player. Well, let us
amend that statement: we don’t care where she hails from – Europe, or Seattle (where she hangs out a lot), or Brooklyn
(ditto) – as she has recently become one of our fave steel wranglers, period.
From her recent album Coming Home,
which features a host of musical talent including Joey Burns and John Convertino
of Calexico, to her appearances in March at SXSW, including a wow-the-crowd set
at the annual Bloodshot day party, with her ghostly, Spaghetti Western twangs
and peals of stark melody, she’s got the
As we put it in our review of the album, “the music is



So we’re proud to be part of an online tag-team project this
week, April 25-29, wherein six different music media outlets host a unique
video premiere. The “Maggie Björklund Video-Roll Contest Week” presents six Björklund
tunes and six Björklund videos:


*”Anchor Song” (featuring Convertino, Rachel Flotard, Rusty
Willoughby, Johnny Sangster, Barrett Martin and Barb Hunter) premiered Monday
at Alarm Press


 *”Vildspor” (w/Jon
Auer) Tuesday at Magnet Magazine


*”Insekt” Wednesday at Uprooted
Music Revue


*”Intertwined” (w/Mark Lanegan) Thursday at My Old Kentucky Blog


*”Summer Romance” Thursday at Country Standard Time


*”Coming Home” (w/Mark Lanegan) TODAY, right here at BLURT






And here’s the cool part: Anyone who re-posts, Likes, or comments on the video – via Facebook,
Twitter, and on the hosting site itself – will be eligible to win the new
album. To raise your chances of winning, read through the rest of the
premiere post to find out where the next video will be premiered the following
day. Each song has its own unique draw, and each supporting site offers the
opportunity for one lucky person to win
a copy of Coming


Incidentally, you
can lodge your “Like” vote for the “Coming Home” video over at the BLURT
Facebook page
, or you can head to Björklund’s Facebook page where she’s
also been posting the clips.



Nirvana: Photos from EMP Retrospective


To accompany our Gillian G. Gaar-narrated tour of
the Experience Music Project
Nirvana: Taking Punk To The
retrospective exhibit,
we present selected images of several key display artifacts. (
Photos courtesy of EMP/SFM except where noted; may only be reproduced for press purposes.)


Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, and Krist Novoselic boarding an airplane Australia,
circa February 10, 1992. Courtesy of Shelli Hyrkas.



Sign at Experience Music Project (photo by Gillian G. Gaar)



Taking Punk to the Masses Book




Nirvana Flyer



The Official Nirvana Chocolate bar

Given to attendees at
exhibit opening. Milk it: No, it’s 70% dark organic and fair trade chocolate!




A New American Gothic
by Kurt Cobain, circa 1984.



Nirvana lyrics by Kurt
Cobain, circa 1988

The majority of the songs listed here were recorded during Nirvana’s initial recording session on January 23, 1988, at
Reciprocal Recording in Seattle
with producer Jack Endino. Many of these would be reworked further and appear
on the band’s debut in 1989.



1991 Black Fender
Stratocaster electric guitar

Smashed by Kurt Cobain during the recording of “Endless Nameless” during the
Nevermind sessions, May/June 1991.



Nirvana’s first demo recording, 1988
Jack Endino made this copy of Nirvana’s
first demo tape and gave it to his bandmate, Skin Yard bassist and C/Z Records
owner Daniel House.



Univox Hi-Flyer Guitar
Smashed by Kurt Cobain at the Evergreen State College, Dorm K208, Olympia, WA,
October 30, 1988. This is the first guitar that Cobain demolished on stage.




 Sweater (1) (photo by Gillian G. Gaar)



Sweater (2)
Worn by Kurt Cobain in the video for “Smells
Like Teen Spirit” August 18, 1991.



Kurt Cobain at the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video shoot
Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 1991.





Tribe Called Quest Reunion in the Works?

Well, 2 out of 4 is
half. So is the Tribe glass half-empty, or half-full? Watch film trailer,


By Fred Mills, reporting on A Tribe Called Quest and the
Tribeca Film Festival premiere of the Michael Rapaport-directed Tribe documentary
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, is floating the
possibility that a reunion of the influential hip-hop group might be in the


film initially sparked contention among the group’s erstwhile members, although
the director told rolling stone that his “original goal” for the doc was to get
them back together. “We got… two out of four [members],” Rapaport is quoted as
saying. “Maybe we’ll get a big surprise out of this later.”


member Ali Shaheed Muhammad, who attended the premiere, “Every
day I wake up is leading to a Tribe reunion. That’s always the question – will
we or won’t we? I’m always available.” Also on hand was Phife Dawg, who
added, “See? That’s a step in the right direction,” Phife added.
“We need two more, but that’s a good step… If the stars align,” Ali
said, “and we feel like we have a purpose in recording, then it can



A Tribe Called Quest Documentary (Trailer) by PayeTaChatte

Tom Morello Union Town Benefit EP

A “proud union man” steps up to support The America Votes
Labor Unity Fund.


By Blurt Staff


Tom Morello is set to
release Union Town via
New West Records digitally on May 17th with a physical CD and
Vinyl release to follow on July 19th.  All profits from Union Town will
benefit The America Votes Labor Unity Fund via 


The studio recording consists
of  8 pro-union songs featuring three Tom Morello originals, as well as
the Woody Guthrie classic “This Land Is Your Land” (including the
more radical, often censored verses).  On February 21st of this year,
Tom Morello performed at the Capitol
Square in Madison,
WI in protest to an anti-union
bill put forward by Governor Scott Walker. (To read Morello’s editorial about his
experience, “Frostbite and Freedom: Tom Morello on the Battle of Madison,”
check it out at


The title track from
the Union Town EP is available now for download at  On the heels of Union Town, Tom Morello, as The
Nightwatchman, will release his third full length solo album, World
Wide Rebel Songs
, late Summer via New West Records.


Morello stated,
“Performing in Madison,
Wisconsin and seeing 100,000
people in the streets demanding justice inspired me to record an album of union
fighting songs. I’ve been a proud union man for 22 years and my mom was a union
public high school teacher, so for me this fight is very personal. Unions are a
crucial counterweight to the raw corporate greed that torpedoed our economy,
threatens our environment and wants to strip away decades of social progress.
From Cairo to Madison, workers are pushing back and tyrants
are falling. Here’s a soundtrack for our fight.”


The America Votes Labor Unity
Fund  supports the unified efforts of a broad coalition of national labor
organizations to defend workers and their unions against state legislation,
ballot measures and executive orders that will undermine or destroy their rights. 
The America Votes Labor Unity Fund accepts donations from labor organizations
and individuals who donate on their own behalf. 


Go to for more details and to make a





1. Union Town

2. Solidarity Forever

3. Which Side Are You On?

4. A Wall Against The Wind

5. 16 Tons

6. This Land Is Your Land

7. I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill
Last Night

8. Union Song (Live – Capitol Square, Madison,
Wisconsin Feb. 21st, 2011)




MP3: New Warren Haynes Track


“Man In Motion” from
the forthcoming album of the same name. Check live video clip below, too, of the song done by the Haynes band as last year’s annual Christmas Jam.


By Fred Mills


It’s due on the venerable Stax label May 10 – Warren Haynes’
first solo album in eons, Man In Motion.
We’ve got an MP3 of an edited version of the title track for you to check out:



MP3 –



You can pick up a copy of the latest issue of BLURT to read
our review of the album, easily one of the year’s best so far, and a clear
career-capper for the Gov’t Mule/Allman Brothers/Dead axeman. As we put it in
the review, “Haynes has long demonstrated a deeply soulful side to him,
particularly in the evolution of his vocal style, with touches of Memphian funk
and gospel, Muscle Shoals R&B and N’awlins gumbo frequently evidenced. But
this was different, as is the entirety of Man
in Motion
. Those music meccas figure prominently – spiritually – on the
album, recorded in Texas
at Willie Nelson’s studio. It’s hotwired from start to finish, and a
revelation; it’ll completely revise your opinion of the guitarist.”


Watch Trippy New Paleo Video



From forthcoming
album, due in June. Spring/summer tour starts this week – dates listed below.


By Blurt Staff


Indie folkster Paleo – aka David Strackany – has his new
album Fruit Of The Spirit out
on June 21 via Partisan. He’s just released the first single and video, “Holly
Would,” and you can check out the latter, directed and animated by Jonathan
Burns, right here.



Paleo – “Holly Would” Official Video from Partisan Records on Vimeo.



Here’s the story on the album: “Holing up in Davenport, Iowa,
Paleo got taught the ropes of analogue recording from the original Daytrotter
engineer, Patrick Stolley. Stolley’s place is a minefield of old analogue gear,
a phalanx of synths and amps insulate the walls, piles of grease-thirsty old
tape machines, bells, whistles, six-strings, four-strings, twelve-strings, no
strings. Paleo then decided to try something which’d never occurred to him
before: collaboration. Friends strode in from around the region – Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa City, Rock Island,
and Lawrence –
and with next to no rehearsal and no lead sheets, they huddled for a three-day
creative blitzkrieg. Electrofolk artist Cloud Dog lends samples and howls in
the background, the bastard folkies from Minnesota
add their sad, quirk-pop sensibility, and a revolving door of drummers and
percussionists take turns on the kit. Strackany just let the tape roll, and
together they bottled a mischievous, mercurial record sparking with
imperfection: the bruised, sweet, and colorful Fruit Of The Spirit.”





Track Listing:


1. Lighthouse

2. Over The Hill And Back Again

3. Pharoah

4. The Rager

5. Poet II

6. Favorite Places

7. Holly Would

8. Buddy Buddy

9. Honey Be Reckless

10. In The Movies

11. Poet


Tour Dates:


4.28  House Show – New Paltz,
4.29  Knitting Factory – Brooklyn,

4.30  The Vintondale Fireman’s Club – Vintondale, PA

5.01  Carabar – Columbus,

5.02  South Park Tavern – Dayton,

5.05  The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN

5.08  The Bishop – Bloomington, IN

5.10  The Warehouse – St. Louis, MO

5.12 FEARLESS RADIO Studio Session 5pm – Chicago, IL

5.12  Pancho’s –  Chicago, IL

6.19  Auntie Mae’s –  Manhattan, KS

7.08  Cafe Coda – Chico,

7.31  Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT

8.05  Trident Cafe – Boulder, CO





Kurt Cobain: A Visual Tour


In conjunction with our two-part Nirvana/Cobain
, we present this photo gallery from relevant Cobain memorials in Aberdeen and Olympia,


Photos & text by Gillian G. Gaar (except where noted)


(above) Kurt Cobain sign
in Aberdeen


Where Did You Sleep Last
Night: Fans admire the graffiti under the bridge where Kurt Cobain went to get
away from it all


Commemorative sign under the bridge


The sign that greets you
at Riverfront Park.



Yes, he really was here. A
bench to contemplate from in Riverfront


The new Kurt statue



Left to right: Tori
Kovach, who cleaned up the park area, and Kim and Lora Malakoff, who made the
new statue


a grandson: Leland Cobain with a Kurt doll


Burckhard, Nirvana’s first drummer, meets the press


Aaron Burckhard with Aberdeen’s
other Kurt Cobain statue at Hubb’s Muffler Shop


Makinen at Hubb’s Muffler Shop (photo by Mitch Holmquist)


these walls could talk: Kurt Cobain’s Olympia


Makinen and Aaron Burckhard jamming in Kurt’s old garage in Olympia


Burckhard in Kurt’s garage



[All photos by Gillian G. Gaar, except where





Theresa Andersson Lets Fans View Sessions


Also mounts a new
Kickstarter campaign.


By Blurt Staff


BLURT fave Theresa
Andersson returns to the studio this week to begin work on her
new album, working with long-time collaborator and fellow countryman Tobias
Froberg as producer. In celebration of the process, and to help finance the new
album, Andersson is inviting her fans to watch her recording process live as
part of a Kickstarter campaign, also launching this week.

Known for her live shows, which feature the multi-instrumentalist building
complexly layered songs live on stage, Andersson became an internet phenomenon
in 2008, when YouTube featured a home-made video she taped of herself
performing a song in her kitchen, created to promote her last album, Hummingbird, Go!. More than 1.3 million
fans have since watched Andersson performing “Na Na Na“, one of several
videos that have come to be known as “the kitchen videos.”

Continuing in the spirit of that video, Theresa will open up her recording process
to fans, inviting them into her home studio during the recording of her
as-yet-untitled new album, slated for release early next year, and a chance to
chat with her about the process.

“Instead of burying all of the ideas that don’t work,
and only presenting the ï¬�nal product, I’ve decided to tear the wall down and
share the whole thing with my fans — The good, the bad, and the ugly,” says
Andersson, who acknowledges entering uncharted territory with the new album.
“To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how this record will
turn out, because there are elements of this recording that will be completely
new for me. For example, I’m thinking much more orchestrally these days, and
imagining songs arranged with rich horn clusters and multi-layered drums. The
only thing is, I’ve never arranged for horns before.”

The Kickstarter campaign will offer
fans a chance to watch Andersson and Froberg live as they explore Andersson’s
new songwriting process, and will also capture them collaborating with some
special guests, including some of New Orleans’ best horn players. The campaign
offers fans a number of unique opportunities to be a part of the recording
process, with perks including live streaming of Theresa in the studio, live
chats with the artist, limited edition merchandise, and tickets and backstage
passes to Theresa’s 2012 world tour.


[Above: Andersson with Allen Toussaint]


Report: STRFKR Live in Rochester




April 9 at the Bug Jar the much-hyped
outfit lived up to the hype – at times, at least – before a sold-out crowd.
Opening act: Champagne Champagne.


By April S.

The Bug Jar
proved radically small to hold the fans of STRFKR and Champagne Champagne. The
sold out venue turned people away as the stage area of Bug Jar was already
filled to capacity. And, as fate would have it, this concert occurred when a warm
day found its way to upstate NY. This proved perilous when confined in a tiny room
of jumping fans who are destined to sweat on you.






Opening act Champagne
Champagne had their cluster of dedicated fans in the crowd who cheered them on
from the moment their music began. However, not everyone in the audience showed
elation once the beats dropped. The Seattle
rap trio – Pearl Dragon, Thomas Gray and DJ Gajamagic (Mark Gajadhar) – had to
win over a crowd of people who were electronica, dance-pop enthusiasts. Gray
and Gajamagic’s energy was infectious; Gajamagic created layers of sound from
his effect board as Gray jumped and moved to the music. People were slowly
warming up to Champagne Champagne. However, Pearl proved unimpressed by the
majority of the sullen faces in the front of the audience.


Halfway through
their long set, Pearl asked the rambunctious fans in the back of the room to
come to the front of the stage, he “needed their energy.” And here began the
obnoxious shoving, jumping and sweating on innocent bystanders. Ignoring the
audience, Champagne Champagne do know how to put on a high-octane performance and
their upbeat music and tongue-in-cheek lyrics – such as “Molly Ringwald” – are
proves enticing. Yet, those STRFKR fans who claimed an early stake on the front
of the stage wearily waited for the Oregon quartet to perform.




On tour to
promote their recently released second album Reptilians STRFKR had a lot of setting up to do. With no room to
leave their instruments on stage as the opening acts performed, the guys had to
somewhat quickly setup their lasers, two drums kits, three keyboards, a
turntable, and of course all of the amps associated with the guitars and bass.
Once they were done, lead singer Josh Hodges thanked the audience for their
patience and STRFKR immediately leapt into “Astoria.”


The music
sounded seamless and the crowd started dancing; however, Hodges’ vocals barely
soared over the finely executed music. Regardless of this minor setback STRFKR
continued and played other crowd favorites from Reptilians and their self titled debut album. “Bury Us Alive,”
“Mystery Cloud” and the title track were all quickly played in succession. Upon
the first few notes of popular song “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” – thanks
to its usage in a Target commercial – the audience cheered and applauded and
began singing along with Hodges. Yet, the one song several fans wanted to hear
was “Julius.”


After completing
a few songs Hodges and crew looked to each other to decide which song to do
next, one fan in the back shouted “Julius,” they met his request. Seeing the
quartet live, it is no wonder the majority of their shows have been sold out,
STRFKR sounds great live. If STRFKR finds their way to Western
NY again hopefully there will be a venue waiting for them that can
hold all of their fans.