White Stripes London Live 07 Reissued


Original FM broadcast
from June 14, 2007 has long been a fan favorite.


By The Digital Reaper


That online trademark of quality, Big O ‘zine, has been archiving classic live recordings nearly
since the dawn of digital time, serving up heaping helpings of underground
downloads of incredible and diverse audio wealth. Looking for John Coltrane at Temple University
in 1966? The Clash in Hong Kong 1982? TV On
The Radio live on KEXP or Cat Power on KCRW ’06? The original (and newly
expanded) version of the Stones’ classic Live
‘R Than You’ll Ever Be
? It’s all here. (Wolfgang’s Vault ain’t got nothing
on Big O.)


Big O is currently
in the middle of a “restart” program in which various older shows they deem to
be classic, but not available for download at the moment, are revived and
posted online. One per day is being made available, and coming up is quite a
buffet of live shows, including Leonard Cohen, Santana, Burning Spear, Rolling
Stones, Ruins and The Jam. Oh – and for all you folks still bummed over Jack
and Meg White’s recent decision to lay the White Stripes to rest, the legendary
June 14, 2007 Stripes performance at the O2 Wireless Festival, originally
broadcast on FM and therefore a longtime fan favorite due to the superior sound
quality, is coming early next week. Here are some of the details from the
original underground release:


Funny how time flies and come July 14,
2007, it would have been 10 years of the White Stripes. June also saw the
release of the group’s sixth studio album, Icky Thump. But on June 14, as one
of the headline bands at the O2 Wireless Festival in London,
as Britain’s
Evening Standard says, “Jack and Meg have earned their stripes.”
Earlier in the month, the two did an acoustic benefit concert entertaining the Chelsea Pensioners, most
of whom had never heard of the band. Between songs, Jack expressed his
gratitude for the efforts of the wartime generation.


At the Wireless Festival, Jack and Meg
performed in front of a crowd that included Oasis bandmates Noel Gallagher and
Gem Archer and The View’s Kyle Falconer. Instead of playing all the tracks from
the new album, the White Stripes performed only the title track, I’m Slowly
Turning Into You and A Martyr For My Love For You.


As the Evening Standard reported:
“Jack and Meg seemed to inhabit the songs, shifting intuitively between
whatever tracks simply felt right. Jack pounded a weighty organ between riffs
during new song I’m Slowly Turning Into You, but really focused on the raw
genius of his guitar work. I Think I Smell A Rat was frighteningly savage, his
slide guitar on a cover of Son House’s Death Letter as overwhelming as ever.
Meg drummed throughout with poised dignity in stark contrast to the maelstrom
surrounding her. Few musical unions work as naturally as this one. This
four-day festival has hit its high
point already.” Of course “oldies” such
as Seven Nation Army were as welcomed as perennial covers such as Jolene and I
Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.




1 – Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground / When I Hear My Name

2 – Hotel Yorba

3 – Icky Thump

4 – I’m Slowly Turning Into You

5 – I Think I Smell A Rat

6 – I’m A Martyr For My Love For You

7 – Death Letter / Motherless Children

8 – In The Cold Cold Night

9 – Jolene

10 – Cannon / John The Revelator / Astro / Ball & Biscuit

11 – Blue Orchid

12 – The Denial Twist / Wasting My Time

13 – I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself

14 – We’re Going To Be Friends

15 – Seven Nation Army


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