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Video from new album, due May 17, which will be
followed by a national tour.


By Blurt Staff


In anticipation of their upcoming record False Beats and True Hearts, out May 17th on 20/20/20, Damon & Naomi have just unveiled a
new “video” by visual artist Chris
Marker, best known for his groundbreaking film La Jetée, the inspiration for
Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys.
It consists of a single still image set to album track “And You Are There” (via
The Wire
) – click on the link
following the text.


Naomi issued a statment on “the connection between the artist and the art”:


The song,
“And You Are There,” is about the way time can compress when you are lost in a
memory, something I have learned a lot about from Chris Marker’s work – his
films (La Jetée, Sans Soleil), his writing (Immemory), his photographs. When the
song was finished, I sent it to Chris with a note – since his work had provided
inspiration for the song, I wondered, might he in turn have a visual response
to it? He sent back this image, with the note:
“Dunno if it fits your pretty Proustian melancholy, but I thought
it could… And thanks for linking me to music, the only real art for me as you
know (cinema? you kiddin’…)



May/June coast-to-coast U.S. tours are being planned with Amor de Dias, the new project from Alasdair Maclean of the Clientele. Their debut album will
be out on Merge the same day False
Beats and True Hearts
is released, and it features Damon & Naomi
guesting on one track. The two bands have played together in England, but this will be Amor de Dias’s US debut.
Japanese psych-rock demigod Michio
Kurihara (Boris, Ghost) will play electric guitar with
Damon & Naomi on tour, as on the album.


Damon & Naomi: “And You Are There” 


Damon & Naomi with Chris Marker – And You Are There from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

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