Spotify About to Come to U.S.?


“All signs point to ‘yes'”:
so says the BLURT magic 8-ball.


By Fred Mills


Millions of American music fans have been gnashing their
teeth over the unavailability of Spotify in the U.S. The Swedish-based music
streaming service
has been a huge hit in Europe since launching in 2008, and
considering that it’s generally considered to be the best and easiest such
application to date, even making Rhapsody seem clunky (not to mention slim on
content) by comparison, a lot of industry observers predict that it will
eventually prove to be the game changer in terms of how the public –
increasingly favoring convenience and portability over actual audio quality – consume


According to a report this week at, Spotify is
steadily making progress towards a launch on these shores. As it works on
finalizing licensing deals with some of the major labels, Spotify has,
Billboard informs us, “hired a VP of engineering and a director of product
management — just two positions, but a leap forward in staff based in this
country.” Both employees were previously at LimeWire, the P2P service that got
shut down last year following a series of court rulings.


The report doesn’t predict exactly when Spotify might
launch, but notes “if Spotify has a fully baked U.S. version of its service ready
to go, then it could launch service mere weeks after finalizing its licensing
deals… Labels are asking for changes in the way Spotify’s service will look
here in the U.S. versus in Europe, and those negotiations are ongoing.”


Read the full report here.


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