Return of The Dwarves!


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Blurt Staff


Blurt readers and lapsed Dwarves fans may have spotted our review a couple of months ago of the band’s Dec.
30 concert in Portland.
Now we are damned chuffed to report that the unrepentant/unreconstructed punks
have a new album en route.


The Dwarves Are Born Again (MVD Entertainment), it features all
your  favorite heroes from the Dwarves long and twisted saga. Blag the Ripper,
HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, Rex Everything and a cast of thousands return to crush
 the ears of a desperate public. Teamed with Top Ten producer Eric
Valentine (Slash, All  American Rejects) they have created a perfect mix
of hardcore punk, ear soothing pop, and everything in between. Damaged
celebrity cameos mix with twisted phone messages, ear splitting noise with
dance friendly grooves, all delivered with the Dwarves trademark humor and


The “deluxe edition” throws in a bonus DVD. With
songtitles like the ones listed below, the mind simply boggles.

While you await this aural delicacy, pass the time productively: Click HERE to see 25 things you don’t know about the Dwarves…




  • The Dwarves Are Still The
    Best Band Ever
  • 15 Minutes
  • Stop Me
  • Looking Out For Number One
  • You’ll Never Take Us Alive
  • Bang Up
  • We Only Came To Get High
  • I Masturbate Me
  • It’s A Wonderful Life of Sin
  • Happy Birthday Suicide
  • Fake ID
  • Working Class Hole
  • Candy Now
  • Do The HeWhoCannotBeNamed
  • Your Girl’s Mom
  • Zip Zero
  • The Band That Wouldn’t Die



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