No, 50 Cent, You ARE an Asshole


Rapper brings his own
unique version of “sheening” to Twitter in the wake of the Japanese tragedies.


By Perez Mills


Nothing like some music biz celeb-outrage to start the week
off on a positive note. Numerous media outlooks are reporting, in varying
degrees of moderate objectivity and thinly-veiled outrage, about rapper 50 Cent’s
taking to Twitter over the weekend to demonstrate his sophisticated sense of
irony – by joking about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.


The Huffington Post noted that as Japan, reeling from the twin
disasters, was feverishly trying to rescue survivors (not to mention deal with
a potential nuclear disaster), 50 Cent tweeted on Friday (March 11):


“Wave will hit
8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.


 “Look this is very serious people I had
to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to
do it. Lol.”


Needless to say, a shitstorm of criticism unfolded quickly
in the Twitterverse, leading the rapper to tweet later in the afternoon:


“Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let’s pray for
anyone who has lost someone.”


Er, right. An hour or so later he
was back to his old self, however:


“Man they made a movie about all this 2012 now you think that was a
lucky guess.”


“This camera man ran up on me from TMZ. I said what are you following
me for go cover the TSUNAMI.”


“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or
love it. I’m cool either way 50cent”


It’s not just the tweets that
display ignorance… It’s likely someone not clinically insane suggested to 50 Cent that he ditch the schtick, because subsequent tweets on March 12 and 13 were pretty much limited to music-related content or or random spewing of swear words. Next time someone asks BLURT why we have never posted any
reviews or news about 50 Cent, at least we’ll have an answer waiting for them
that we can link them to. As observed, “One person over at Hip
Hop Wired comment page offered a fair view of how many people don’t take
similar tragedies seriously. ‘This is a serious disaster, and not a time to
joke about it. Hopefully he makes a donation. He isn’t the first person to joke
about a serious issue, and will not be the last,’ added the commenter.”


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