MP3: New Matana Roberts Album


jazz player pushes the boundaries.

By Blurt Staff

Matana Roberts, aptly described by her label, Constellation, as “kind of the
whole package” is an incredible horn player with roots as deep in punk rock as
in avant jazz and has been making marks on improv/experimental and jazz
communities in New York, Chicago and Montreal for years. May 10 brings her Coin
Coin project, Chapter One: Gens de
couleur libres
, on Constellation.



You can

      check out an advance MP3 sampler
from the album right



While clearly embodying a serious yearning for
experimentation and pushing against formal boundaries, Roberts also brings to
the table a kind of integrity and sense of social and community accountability.
For the album Matana draws from a rich bank of thematic material and influence,
bringing in questions of history and memory, ancestry and legacy, the material
and the spiritual; and creates a complex and emotional meditation on some of
the deeply individual implications of history and “the
universal.”  The record itself represents an hour of music and
personal/spiritual narrative, presented by some of the finest players from Montreal’s jazz, improv
and indie rock circles. 



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