MP3 + New Album from Marissa Nadler


Self-released, self-titled record gets a June 14 date.


By Blurt Staff


Boston dream-folk artist,
Marissa Nadler has announced the
upcoming release of her fifth full-length album and the first to be released on
her very own label Box of Cedar
Records. Produced by Brian
McTear, the self-titled LP is set for a June 14th release. Marissa proclaims, ‘It’s the most honest,
natural record I’ve ever written.”



Advance free download of MP3: “Baby, I
Will Leave You In The Morning”

Making music for nearly a decade and creating art for a lifetime her ethereal
songwriting remains rich with imagery and beautiful textures. “I’m no
longer hiding,” she admits. “The mystery still exists in the music as
an aesthetic tool, but the songs cut harder because of the vocal mix, with more
varied colors than my other records.”

Before moving out on her own label, Marissa released her last two
critically-acclaimed efforts, Songs III: Bird on the Water (2007) and Little Hells (2009) with Kemado
Records. The former led to two nominations for  the 2008 PLUG
awards for “best female artist of the year” and “best Americana record of the



1. In Your Lair, Bear
2. Alabaster Queen
3. The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You
4. Mr. John Lee Revisited
5. Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning
6. Puppet Master
7. Wind Up Doll
9. Little King
10. In A Magazine
11. Daisy, Where Did You Go?



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