Kim Salmon Returns w/Precious Jules

That blurry, fuzzy photo above? Why, the latest glam/punk
(masquerading as garage) sensation!


By Blurt Staff


Precious Jules are Kim Salmon
(of Scientists/Surrealists/Darling Downs and other Australian combos fames )and
Mike Stranges residing in Melbourne,
operating as a slick pop partnership, masquerading as a ‘glam/punk’ combo,
masquerading as a ‘garage’ duo.


They’ve got their debut single just
out: ‘Pearls Before Swine’ backed with ‘Chinese Rocks’, and it is, as the
saying goes, a corker. If you are familiar with Salmon’s output over the past 4
decades, you’ll need no convincing. Check ‘em out at the Battle Music website:


Kim Salmon featured at Blurt: “Blurting
With… Kim Salmon”



“Precious Jules”: A Poem


What are these Precious Jules
That all the ladies truly covert
They’ll lead you to your certain ruin
And then think nothing of it.
Dangling surreptitiously
Yet somehow in your faces
Deflating your economy
To inflate your airs and graces
What are these Precious Jules
That shine so dark before us
Dazzling darkness all around
Only to ignore us
What are these Precious Jules
So idly hanging round
Your Precious necks or
In your ear
Wishing only to be found
Acceptable for come what may
With ‘come what maybe’ clowns



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