Flaming Lips: USB/Gummy Skull?!?


Well, why not?


By Fred Mills


It’s not like the Flaming Lips have to top themselves – but then,
they wouldn’t be the Lips if they didn’t consistently find new angles and
twists to keep themselves, and the rest of us, in various stages of amusement,
incredulity and outright astonishment. (This is a band, after all, that as far back as
the late ‘80s would mail folks LPs packaged in painstakingly hand-decorated pizza
boxes – we have one – rather than using standard LP mailers, just because they could. And do we even need to mention the giant gerbil ball?)


Based on a report filed at Pitchfork.com today, it appears
Wayne Coyne is aiming to up the ante: in addition to various other projects the
band has cooking (including a 12″ EP plus a vinyl box collecting reissues of
some earlier albums), the Lips are planning to release a skull-shaped object
made out of gummy bear material that also has a USB inside. Coyne told
Pitchfork, “It’s a life-sized human skull completely made out of edible gummy
bear stuff. It also has a gummy brain inside of it and, inside of that, there’s
a USB flash drive that has three new songs on it. It’s pretty outrageous.”


A prototype is pictured above. You can read the full report
, along with some additional plans Coyne is mulling over involving his
hopes to work with Jimmy Page, among several musicians.


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