Exclusive: Lykke Li Talks New Album


Eagerly-awaited Wounded Rhymes
released this week.


By Fred
Mills / Interview by A.D. Amorosi


hasn’t exactly been coy about our excitement over the second album by Swedish
chanteuse Lykke Li; the followup to 2008’s Youth
was recorded in Sweden and Los Angeles and features Björn Yttling,
of Peter Björn and John, producing, and as early tracks began rolling out last
fall along with provocative videos, it was clear that the young lady was
building up to something unusual.


Wounded Rhymes is finally out this week (it’s also still streaming online) and in
addition to a review coming soon at Blurt-online, we also have an extensive
feature on Lykke Li in the new issue of BLURT (our 10th) that will
hit newsstands in two weeks. Contributing Editor A.D. Amorosi sat down to talk
with the singer, and among the tidbits he obtained:


On finally getting started on a new
record after two years of touring and promotion:
“I guess I’m happier in the
beginning of a project than the end. It’s only then that you have all these
possibilities in front of you. When you can dream and everything is ahead of
you, that’s really something. I like being done as well. There’s mystery that
lies ahead in that next step. It’s just that middle time, when things are the most
painful, where I go over the edge.”


On swapping the frigid cold of Sweden for the sunny clime of California for a portion of the recording: “The desert and nature is so
overwhelming-in a good way. It was just so fucking hot it was great and
radically different than my usual experience. It wasn’t so much sensual than it
was magical.”


On the album’s singular rhythmic-psychedelic
“The type
of sound where five minutes has passed and you don’t even know what’s hit you
or how long you’ve been hit by it: I like that. I also think a lot of blues
inspired me. The repetitive thing where you don’t need to change a melodic or
rhythmic line.”


On why first single “Get Some” isn’t
about sex (despite containing lines such as “I’m your prostitute”
“It’s about empowerment and
motivation over someone – to avoid more problems.”


On her uncanny ability to look
positively smashing in all her photos, no matter the setting or occasion: “
I got the ability of being
photogenic from my photographer mother as she took a lot of photos of me.
That’s not about the vanity of looking good. I don’t think that I am. It’s just
that I don’t want to die when I see the photos snapped of me.”


problem in that regard, we suspect. Read the full interview with Lykke Li in
our new issue….


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