Courtney Love On the Hook for $430k


“Damn, what a waste of
Kurt’s money….she should hook up with Charlie Sheen.” – R.S. reader Tim
Wheeler, from the original article comments section.


By Perez Mills


You remember back in early January when we brought you the fascinating news about Courtney Love facing a defamation lawsuit due to
insulting comments she made in 2009 – via Twitter, no less – against fashion
designer Dawn Simorangkir? (Don’t laugh; every time we post something about
Love our web traffic stats go through the roof. We know what you really want, dear readers.)


It appears that Love has now settled the suit before it goes
to trial, according to a report filed yesterday at Love was
due in court back in January, but negotiations ensued and a postponement was
called. Word has it that Simorangkir will net a cool $430,000 from the deal.


Which is all apropos of nothing (other than us fishing for
some web traffic). However, cyber-law buffs had been eyeing the case as a
potentially precedent-setting one had it gone to trial, for as our original
news item on Love pointed out, it potentially represented a First Amendment
issue: “whether an average Twitter user would interpret Love’s vicious
tweets as facts rather than merely her opinion” and therefore making her
legally liable for damages. Apparently her lawyers felt that was indeed a
possibility, and given the notoriety of their client they didn’t want to let
her become a test case.


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