Big Star Third Vinyl Reissue Due



Watch the video of the vinyl master being prepared,


By Blurt Staff


Big Star Third [Test Pressing Edition] is en route from Omnivore Recordings just in time
for Record Store Day, April 16 – it’s a special edition vinyl release limited
to 2,000 pieces worldwide.


The album has been described as a lost record
re-discovered years after it was recorded, one that has seen many track
listings, titles and album covers. It’s been dubbed a classic, and an enigma.
The Omnivore Recordings edition comes complete with replicas of the original
tape box, tracking and lead sheets, mastering card and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl.


The new pressing was cut from the original assembly
reel, on the same lathe at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis and by the very same engineers who
cut it the first time, Larry Nix and John Fry. Pressed on high quality vinyl at
RTI, this is the definitive version of this album. In the limited run of 2,000,
five copies of the original test
pressings signed by Big Star’s Jody Stephens, original mastering
engineers Larry Nix and Ardent’s John Fry will be available at retail, randomly,
worldwide. Take a peek inside Larry Nix’s Mastering room at the legendary
Ardent Studios in Memphis
as Larry, John and Jody prepare the actual new master being used for the new
“test pressing” edition on YouTube.



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