Beatles to Website: Don’t Fuck With Us, Bro


And check that
scientific mumbo jumbo at the door, too, you bloody wankers.


By Perez Mills


You may remember the strange, sordid, shaggy saga of Cali
tech upstart (as opposed to start-up, duh) Media Rights Technologies who made
waves last year for selling oodles of MP3s at bargain basement prices via their
BlueBeat website – but somehow neglected to get permission from some of the
artists, labels and (otherwise known as ) copyright holders of the music. This
is known by it’s technical term: piracy.
And as a result, a court summarily shut em down in December. On one level at
least ya gotta admire ‘em for their cheek.


And on another level, ya gotta admire ‘em too, because
somebody at Media Rights Technologies has pockets deep enough to be able to
fork over nearly $1 million bucks without blinking.


Reuters  is reporting that the company has settled a copyright infringement lawsuit with EMI, to the
tune of $950,000, for illegally selling Beatles MP3s (at an iTunes-undercutting
25 cents per track), along with Radiohead, Coldplay and other EMI artists.


According to Reuters, the company had initially tried to say
that they were not “posting the original material, but had re-recorded the
music and inserted artistic touches based on a technique called ‘psycho-acoustic


If that sounds like mumbo jumbo designed to obscure the
reality of the “piracy” notion, you just may have a future in the legal
business: the courts agreed, calling that assertion “obscure and undefined
pseudo-scientific language (that) appears to be a long-winded way of describing







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