Art Brut w/”Sexier” New Album in May


Sexier, now, indeed.


By Blurt


Art Brut return
with their new studio album Brilliant! Tragic! on May 24. (The first single “Lost Weekend” is released the week
before on May 16th.) Again produced by Black Francis but unlike its predessesor
Art Brut vs Satan, which was recorded in under two weeks, Brilliant Tragic‘s writing process was a lot more
intense than usual, as Eddie Argos explains “with the last album we met up
every couple of months and wrote three or four songs. This time we got together
in the second half of the year and wrote whenever we could 2 or 3 times a week.
We had more time in the studio this time too (about a week more) so Black
Francis had time to teach me how to sing.” and “I’m very proud that I
sing on it. Only took four albums to start singing, not bad.”

continues,  Its a Bit Complicated”was a bit complicated.  On“Art
Brut VS Satan
we had a fight with Satan. This one follows the same pattern
it is a Brilliant! Tragic! record. If it
was a TV show you’d define it as a Dramedy.”

When asked how Brilliant Tragic differs
from previous releases, Argos explains “Well I sing on this one, Ian has a
new pedal, Fred sings backing vocals for the first time and we let Jasper play
a guitar solo (only on two strings though). Also, with the writing for the last
album I really enjoyed writing about mundane things trying to make them
exciting. There were songs about riding buses, summer jobs and having songs
trapped in your head. This time the album is more about how I think I’m
psychic, songs for my funeral, the principality of Sealand and Axl Rose.
Weightier topics I think. I’m also sexier now…


with the last album we’d just remembered we were a punk band again so it was
all four to the floor rock out. This time there are a few songs to let you
catch your breath so when we do rock the fuck out again it hits home


Brilliant! Tragic!‘s artwork has been
created by Jamie McKelvie, a comics creator best known for his work on
Phonogram: Rue Britannia.

Art Brut have also linked up with PledgeMusic to
offer fans an exclusive download and extras with Brilliant!
. An exclusive new track “Unprofessional Wrestling”
is available now as a free download on

While the extras available for fans via PledgeMusic include signed screen
prints of the album artwork, exclusive t-shirts, Art Brut Karaoke with Eddie,
plus an opportunity for fans to have Art
Brut perform at their very own party. Also, anyone purchasing Brilliant Tragic! through PledgeMusic will be
helping  UNICEF Art Brut’s nominated charity.

Full details on the Art Brut bundles can be
found at

To celebrate the release of Brilliant! Tragic! Art Brut will be taking up residency at Lexington in London
starting on Monday May 30th and finishing 5 nights later on FridayJune 3rd.

Art Brut’s plans for the band for 2011 are
“same as always, tour everywhere we possibly can, rock out, write songs.”



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