Will Oldham Narrates Slow Fade Audiobook

Drag City
to release audiobook of Rudolph Wurlitzer’s Slow Fade as read by Oldham
and D.V. deVincentis.


By Blurt Staff


En route is the audiobook of Slow Fade. It’s a novel about a man whose career, whose life, has
been devoted to the manipulation of images – on the screen and at the
conference table, with actors and technicians, even (and especially) with those
closest to him – and the story of how, in his 71st year, he tries to divest
himself of illusions and to make peace with his demons and his past. With a
geography as diverse as the streets of Beverly Hills
and the charnal grounds of India,
a Mexican beach resort and the Russian Tea Room in New York City, it is also a spare, eloquent,
and deeply informed novel about the world of the movies.

To bring voice to this story, Will Oldham takes on the main narrative, the
story of Wesley Hardin and his doomed film. Oldham
felt another voice was needed to read the text in italics, to give the listener
a true sense of the inter-relatedness of the stories. He brought in his close
friend D.V. deVincentis, a Hollywood lifer and
veteran screenwriter himself, to read Walker Hardin’s script. The combination
of these two voices, the ways they embody the ebb and flow of the narrative,
give the reading of the book a fitting, cinematic quality. 



Drag City releases the audiobook on
April 19.



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