Watch/Listen: New Pierces Video/EP

Watch the steamy (in
more ways than one) video, below. Firestarter alert.


By Fred Mills


Admittedly, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world
right now to distract ya – the civil war in Libya; celebrities on the red
carpet at the Oscars; Charlie Sheen having his brain abducted by aliens; the
late Ted Kennedy’s FBI file disclosing that he rented a whole houseful of
Chilean hookers
in ’61; etc. So we’ve got something guaranteed to take your
mind off all those things: a new digital EP, song and video from that gorgeous
sister group The Pierces.



Listen to track: “Love You More”



It’s called Love You
(EP, track, video) and it was produced by Guy Berryman from Coldplay,
and the tunes are a prelude to a full-length coming later this year, which
would be the long, long overdue to 2008’s Thirteen
Songs of Love and Revenge
. Wait’ll you see the steamy, twangy,
hotpants-in-the-desert video, complete with a brain-melting, neo-Phil Spector
arrangement, below: you’ll be booking a trip westward in an instant. (Here’s hoping those are special effects in the
video; is memory serves, burning down a Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) is a no-no, at least in Arizona
and Nevada,
where it enjoys protected species status.)





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