Radiohead LP Streaming; Vice 1st Review


“Review” = term used loosely; “streams” = only logical thing to do since everyone’s already passing around the MP3s.

By Fred Mills

Following the surprise announcement this morning that Radiohead’s new album The King of Limbs was being sent out immediately, via download to everyone who’d preordered it this week, rather than waiting until the original target date of tomorrow, Feb. 19, the internet was alive with the sound of music, er, Radiohead. Or, more accurately, the frantic click of mouses and whirring of gerbil wheels as pundits, fans and disinterested observers alike raced to be the first to post their impressions to the web.

Venerable culture-vulture zine Vice, however, actually got there first, several days ago, with a “review” so preemptively  perfect that it effectively makes all the “real” reviews posted today a big barrel of moot points. Our favorite line from the Vice screed: “A radical reinvention that fuses timeless languor with post-modern darkness over towering ziggurat electronica.”

Well said, Vice. (That, and the other bit about Thom Yorke loving pussy.) Exactly our impression this morning while listening to the record.

But seriously folks, aside from all the media buzz, it’s an aural delight. BLURT will have what we hope to be a measured, unrushed review of the album over the weekend, Meanwhile, as these things tend to turn out, since the genie is out of the bottle and fans are no doubt swapping Radiohead files like crazy (full disclosure: BLURT did indeed pay $9.99 earlier this week in a preorder for the digital tracks), venerable LA modern rock station KROQ has arranged to stream the whole thing.

You can hear the stream of The King Of Limbs at KROQ’s website. (Scroll about halfway down the page for the music player.)



1 Bloom
2 Morning Mr Magpie
3 Little by Little
4 Feral
5 Lotus Flower
6 Codex
7 Give Up the Ghost
8 Separator


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