Pete Doherty Talks Libertines Gigs Sorta


“Some offers.”


By Perez Mills


Professional badboy Pete Doherty hasn’t been in the news
much lately, so we’re lucky that Britain’s NME decided to insert him into the news today. Citing a posting
that Doherty made at his blog recently, the weekly paper extracted the words “some
offers for Libertines gigs” for 2011, referring to a vaguely speculative
conversation he had sometime last year with his manager.


The Libertines, of course, reunited to play a few British
festivals last year but since then all has been silent from the band’s camp.


NME adds that
Doherty is still planning on keeping busy this year, Libertines or no
Libertines, with a few spring solo show and a co-starring role (with Charlotte
Gainsbourg) in a film about the poet Alfred de Musset titled Confession d’un Enfant du Siecle.


Hey Pete, there’s still money on the table. You go, girl!


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