New MP3, Album from David Kilgour


First record in four years with Kilgour’s other combo the Heavy Eights. The
new song is fooking amazing, btw – check it out, below.


By Blurt Staff


David Kilgour of the Clean
has a new album with his other combo the Heavy Eights released on April 26 by
Merge. Titled Left by Soft, it was recorded in the Catlins, about two hours south of Dunedin, New
Zealand, in an old lodge surrounded by
native bush, birds, and the sea. David spent about a week down there with the
Heavy Eights. Thomas Bell engineered and produced but also played bass and cooked
the band awesome meals every night. After chilling out most mornings, the band
would start recording mid afternoon into the night. Apart from a couple of
overblown tracks, they kept overdubs to a minimum and when mixing left most takes
as is -no cleaning up via Pro Tools editing, etc.

“To me, it sounds like
the band on a good night, warts and all,” says Kilgour. “It’s probably the
first real “band” LP I’ve made since Frozen
or the David Kilgour and the Heavy 8’s LP from the mid ’90s.”


Check out MP3:

Left by Soft, his first album
in four years with the Heavy Eights (Taane Tokona on drums, Tony de Raad on
guitar and keyboards, and Thomas Bell on bass and keyboards), comes on the
heels of the Clean‘s excellent
2009 outing, Mister Pop. You could say it’s all part of a late-career
renaissance, but that implies there’s been some sort of valley in his 30 years
of making music. This time, there are more of the elegantly chiming chords and
beautifully drifting solos, all presented with Kilgour’s sparkling pop

Track listing:

1. Left By Soft
2. Way Down Here
3. A Break in the Weather
4. Steel Arrow
5. Pop Song
6. Autumn Sun
7. Theme
8. Diamond Mine
9. I’ll Walk Back Up That Hill
10. Could Be On My Way
11. Purple Balloon



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