Mountain Goats w/Colored Wax, Bonus Cassette

You may be one in 120
fans… or one in 880… or even one in 500…


By Fred Mills


It’s true: die-hard Mountain Goats fans (is there any other
kind?) will be able to snag copies of the new All Eternals Deck – released March 29 on Merge – on vinyl, and if
you’re among a lucky 120 fans you’ll wind up with a copy on blue wax, or if
among 880 others, on clear wax. 4000 vinyl copies altogether are being pressed,
the remaining 3000 arriving on black. What color do you want? Doesn’t matter!
The colors are all packaged randomly so you spin the wheel and you take your


You can get full details at the Merge site, which also adds
this tantalizing detail:


Preorders include a
poster (while supplies last) featuring the album’s cover art, and the first 500
preorders will include a limited edition cassette tape of demos from
All Eternals Deck titled All Survivors Pack featuring individually hand-colored artwork.
Limit one cassette per order.


This falls squarely in line with the current trend (fad?) of
artists and labels releasing on cassette, a phenomenon we examined a few months
ago at BLURT in a feature titled “Niche or Kitsch? The New Wave of Cassette
Equally timely is a new series that NPR program “All Things
Considered” started this week, about people’s attachment (and sometimes
devotion) to older, theoretically antiquated, music delivery systems; they just
did a story on 8-Tracks, and next week they’re slated to examine cassettes.
Meanwhile, Pitchfork is showing the tracklisting for the Mountain Goats
cassette as well as a snapshot of it on their site – check it out, below.


All Survivors Pack:

1 Catherine Antrim’s Kid
2 Beautiful Gas Mask
3 Birth of Serpents
4 The Autopsy Garland
5 Estate Sale Sign
6 Rotten Stinking Mouthpiece
7 Sourdoire Valley Song
8 Age of Kings
9 High Hawk Season
10 Never Quite Free
11 For Charles Bronson
12 Liza Forever Minnelli


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