Latest Blurt Blog: Dave Schools


Straight outta Widespread Panic
& Stockholm Syndrome land, the legendary bassist goes on a Jamcruise and
lives to blog about it.


Blurt Staff


blogger David A. Schools checks in with us today with the latest installment of
his “Swift Kick To The Solar Plexus” blog. This time he outlines his recent
trip on a Jamcruise in which his initial reservations soon gave way to pure,
unadulterated fun.


Schools, “I’ll admit it; I’d always imagined Jamcruise as my worst nightmare –
a real life ship of fools. Billed as an opportunity for music fans to see their
favorite artists perform and to hang out with them as well, Jamcruise seemed
like the kind of indentured servitude on the high seas I needed to avoid at all


out what happened to change his mind at his blog.


Brad Hodge]




David A. Schools plays bass for
Widespread Panic and Stockholm Syndrome. You may have heard of ‘em. Widespread
Panic was honored this week by Georgia’s
House of Representatives and Senate to mark the Athens band’s 25th anniversary.
Meanwhile, Stockholm Syndrome releases its new album Apollo this week on
Response Records


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