Incoming: New GG, er, Justin Bieber Doll


Above, the new Bieber
swag; below, same item after being tossed around the BLURT bullpen for a few


By Perez Mills


At BLURT, we are all about rock culture accessories; we’re
still hoarding a case of Jimi Hendrix Electric Vodka to flog on eBay, once the
litigation-minded folks at Experience Ltd. get distracted by a new trademark
infringement. And of course we have long been fans of the Aggronautix-brand “throbbleheads,” which to date have featured such musical icons as GG Allin, Tesco Vee, Keith
Morris and Wendy O. Williams.



Which is why we are dead chuffed at today’s announcement of
a new Justin Bieber action figure – “complete with his signature swoop haircut,”
hence the official name of “Justin Bieber ‘Real Hairstyle’ Doll” – which is to
be unveiled next week
at the American International Toy Fair and timed, not
so incidentally or coincidentally, with the arrival in theaters of Bieber’s new
movie Never Say Never.


According to Jay Foreman, of toy manufacturer The Bridge Direct, Inc., “When
we introduced the first series of Justin Bieber dolls [pictured below] right
before the holidays last year, the most frequent comment we heard from fans –
besides how much they love them – was: ‘Why doesn’t the doll have Justin’s
hairstyle that you can comb?’, We heard the fans loud and clear, and we’re
thrilled to be able to offer them the doll they’ve been waiting for later this


Exactly what we had wondered. Glad this has been taken care of.


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