Incoming Alert: Krautrock!



From Kriedler and
Faust, to Roedelius and Neumeier/Kawabata, it’s all der rage!


By Blurt Staff


Spring draws nigh, and in spring a young collector geek’s
fancy turns to… krautrock, natch. Check out a few of the more interesting
titles coming down the pike. Guarantee: all blurbs 100% hype free – it’s all



Kriedler – Tank (March 4; pictured above)

The unique
postrock/neo-krautrock quartet KREIDLER from Düsseldorf and Berlin have recorded a new album.
“TANK” sees Kreidler go back to their roots: pattern-oriented rock
music, analogue/electronic and repetitious, yet elegant and distinguished –
Kreidler have refined their unique style still further, and are getting better
with every album. “TANK” was recorded in the Electric Avenue Studio,
with producer Tobias Levin creating a stunning sound that gets as close to Kreidler’s
live energy as it can.




Mani Neumeier &
Kawabata Makoto – Samurai Blues (Feb.

Neumeier (drums) is the founder and head of the legendary Krautrock combo Guru
Guru. Kawabata Makoto is the founder, guitarist and mastermind of the Japanese
psychedelic rock collective Acid
Mothers Temple.
These two true masters of their craft have recorded some stunning psychedelic
improvisations. Tempestuous guitars and thundering drums demonstrate just what
is possible in acid rock in 2011.




Roedelius – Momenti Felici (reissue; March 4)

Since the
early eighties, Roedelius had more or less dispensed with electronics,
focussing increasingly on the grand piano. He also collaborated with various combinations
of musicians to create a new kind of music, vastly different to Cluster and
Harmonia aesthetics. “Momenti Felici” (first released in 1987 on
Venture) is one of the finest examples hereof: an enthusiastic Roedelius
allowed new impressions and discoveries to flow virtually unfiltered into his
music. Includes three previously unreleased tracks.




Roedelius – Piano Piano (reissue; April 4)

Piano” is a very soft, quiet album. Roedelius assumes the role of a fairytale
character with his piano music, transported to a strange, fantastical landscape
where, filled with awe and amazement, he tries to get his bearings. What he
sees, feels and senses here is not always of this world. Many impres­sions come
from the dark within, others from who knows where. What he has to tell us is
indeed whimsical and, at times, wonderful. His ability to awaken images and
dreams in us is nothing short of miraculous.



Faust – Something Dirty (March 4)

The living
Krautrock legend Faust, around for over 40 years now, have recorded a new
album! Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi W. Diermaier (both founding members), James
Johnston (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds), and Geraldine Swayne
(…Bender) have come up with another archetypical Faust album: inspiring,
innovative, unpredictable, crossing boundaries, anarchic – Faustian!
“something dirty” is a definitive milestone in the long history of
this world-famous musical institution from Hamburg. (See the review in the new print
issue of BLURT.)


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