Hipsters: Hunters’ Hats Officially OUT


ZITS daily comic nails
85.8% of our readership. Ouch.


By Blurt Staff


It’s common knowledge that once an item, artifact, trend or
individual makes it into the daily comic strips, said i/a/i has officially
jumped the shark. Dead. Culturally null. An ex-parrot (so to speak). So it was
with great relief we opened up the morning paper today to the comic pages to
witness the systematic disemboweling of the hunting hat – not the one your
Uncle Max wears when he’s off to the woods with his shootin’ iron, but the one
your Best Friend Jess (and, dare we say it, YOU as well) sports at concerts and
sundry social events – in today’s installments of ZITS.


You know that goddam hat is annoying; go on and say it, you’ll
feel better. The comic is your vindication.


Shit, we see this doofus headgear on otherwise intelligent 30- and
40-somethings when we drop our kid off each morning at his elementary school,
so it’s not restricted to just the fresh-faced folks who don’t know any better and need
this memo.


Liberation through irony-free haberdashery, we always say.
Propeller beanie caps, anyone? (See the complete, official ZITS comic strip right here, by the way. It’s one of the greats.)


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