Douchebag Disses Arcade Fire, Tips Em


Okay, yes, the headline is our own personal spin. Go
write your own news item if you don’t like it.


By Fred Mills


Aaaannnnndddd the
post-Grammys Arcade Fire backlash rolls on.


You may have heard that the
Merge band won a Grammy last week; something about the best album of 2010. And
you may recall that in the wake of that win, a lot of creeps – most of them
hip-hop fans, plus Rosie O’Donnell – came out of the woodwork to rain on A.F.’s parade, spouting
claims how Eminem (and in some instances Justin Bieber – now THERE’s a
juxtaposition) wuz robbed.


Add Translation marketing
company CEO Steve Stoute, apparently a 20-year music biz veteran (who?), to
that chorus of nattering nabobs of naysayerdom. In a story published at, the record industry bible takes a look at Stoute and the
full-page ad he ran recently in the New
York Times
that was essentially an open letter to the Grammys for this year’s
“snubbing” of Eminem and, you guessed it, Justin Bieber, along with Kanye West.


Said Stoute, “The awards show has become a
series of hypocrisies and contradictions, leaving me to question why any
contemporary popular artist would even participate. We must acknowledge the
massive cultural impact of Eminem and Kanye West and how their music is
shaping, influencing and defining the voice of a generation. [And] how is it
that Justin Bieber, an artist that defines what it means to be a modern artist,
did not win Best New Artist?”


Stoute singled out Arcade Fire’s “surprise”
win as proof of the Grammys having tin ears, writing, “What truly
inspired the writing of this letter was that this most recent show fed my
suspicions. As the show was coming to a close and just prior to presenting the
award for Album Of The Year, the band Arcade Fire performed “Month of
May” — only to… surprise… win the category and, in a moment of sheer
coincidence, happened to be prepared to perform “Ready to Start.” “


Hmmm, that’s a real smoking gun, ya know? Read
the full article here
, and you can also read Stoute’s own commentary over at
the Huffington Post.


Meanwhile… hey Stoute – go fuck yourself, you
constipated nitwit.


Incidentally, I’m not the only one who took note of Stoute and decided to point out how far up his ass he’s lodged his head. Music industry observer Wayne Rosso, in his latest “Wayne’s World” blog, penned his own open letter, this one to Stoute, and swiftly dismantled most of Stoute’s core contentions (adding that Justin Bieber is an “irritating little snot”).


Writes Rosso, to Stoute, “I think that you may have to go back to school. Your impassioned defense of
Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Eminem, accusations of NARAS members’ collective
pop culture ignorance and intimations of chicanery may be misguided or at the
very least uninformed…The implications of some sort of bizarre Grammy conspiracy sounds more like the
single bullet theory or a Glen Beck rant.”





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