Cool Kids Sign w/Mountain F#@%in’ Dew?!?


Drink up!


By Fred Mills is reporting that Chicago hip-hop snarkster’s the Cool Kids
have hooked up with Mountain Dew to release their new album on the PepsiCo
brand’s Green Label Sound label. Titled When
Fish Ride Bicycles
, it’s due sometime this spring and will be the followup
to 2008’s The Bake Sale.


Why so corporate, as the Joker might query?


The Cool Kids Chuck Inglish told Billboard, “Labels
suck. What can they do that Pepsi can’t do?”


Wow, uh, good point – both of ‘em.


Inglish continued, “We had a good experience with Green
Label Sound — we got more from that single than we got from our previous
album. I was tired of the album sitting around and just wanted to get it out.”
The single he’s referring to new track “Bundle Up,” out next week. Billboard
also notes that Mountain Dew “is waiving the usual label share of the revenue,
leaving all income, minus iTunes processing fees, to the artists.”


Which is another way of saying that Green Label Sound is
looking for a way to drum up some quick publicity and attract other bands, natch.


Coming next: Arcade Fire,
still flush from their Grammy win and besieged by label offers, signs with Doritos
imprint Crunchy Yet Stale Tan Label Sound….


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