Baby Dee Plays Piano for YOU


Blows up expectations on
new album thanks to Andrew W.K.’s  grand



of entertainment’s most flamboyant musical artistes of the last decade,  Cleveland-based harpist Baby Dee, will return
with a new album, Regifted Light, on Drag City.
It drops March 22, but this time around the instrument of choice is the concert
grand piano. The Steinway D in particular, or, as she puts it, her “Rolls Royce
of choice.”  This album was composed on a very special Steinway D that has
been living with Dee for the past few years.


love affair between a woman and
a piano began after Baby Dee had met and played with Andrew W.K. She visited
his NYC home and played on his Steinway D concert grand piano. The sound she
made at the keyboard was astonishing to both Andrew and Dee. As Andrew recalls,
“They say that pianos become better when they’re played by good pianists. Ever
since Dee touched that piano, I swore it
sounded better. She loved the piano and is one of the only people I met who
could really appreciate it as an instrument and use it for all it’s worth.”


couple years later, Andrew found himself moving into a new place in a high-rise
where the piano wouldn’t fit and it could barely be lifted to the necessary
height without a municipal order.  He knew just where the piano should go,
and soon, it was traveling west to reside in Dee’s Cleveland home. It was then and there that
these songs came into being.


than record in a studio, the studio was brought to the house, where the piano
resides. Recorded on the Clockwerke mobile unit at Dee’s
house in Cleveland, Regifted Light was produced by Andrew W.K. and is
luminated by the likes of multi-instrumentalist Jon Steinmeier (Mucca Pazza),
the cello of Matthew Robinson and the tuba, sousaphone and bassoon of Mark
Messing. The record is notable for its largely wordless, yet wildly lyric bent,
highlighted by Andrew W.K.’s dramatic mixing techniques, which allow the
grandness of the piano to hear and reflect the arrangements of the band back at
the listener. While there are highs and lows aplenty and several breaking
ballads, there is a distinct lack of comic songs until Baby Dee capriciously
unleashes one of her most hilarious (and minimal) lyrics (” The Pie Song”) upon
the listener as something of a penultimate movement in this mini-aria before
restatement of the theme, the falling action and the final bow.


Dee’s musical career has seen her perform
worldwide with musical connoisseurs such as Will Oldham (who co-produced Safe
Inside the Day with Matt Sweeney), Antony Hegarty, Marc Almond, Alex Neilson
and David Tibet. When not performing across the globe Dee resides in Cleveland with her harp
and of course, Andrew W.K.’s Steinway D. 


Tour Dates:


Kalamazoo, MI @ The Strutt

Chicago, IL
@ The Hideout

Pittsburgh, PA
@ Andy Warhol Museum

Toronto, ON
@ The Music Gallery

Montreal, QC
@ Casa Del Popolo

Detroit, MI
@ Cliff Bell’s


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