Arcade Fire Gets Its Own Haters Club


Even Rosie O’Donnell
hops into the fray!


By Fred Mills


Arcade Fire didn’t just win a Grammy for Album Of The Year last night – the band also picked up a Twitter page and accompanying Tumblr
of related tweets from other sources dedicated to random disses/insults,
outraged comments over the Grammy award, and outright (and grammatically
challenged) ad hominem attacks.


Called “Who Is Arcade Fire,” the Twitter/Tumblr pages
actually may turn out to be a stunt, but no matter – it’s pretty funny, or
annoying, depending on how much you love the band and how, uh, refined your
sense of irony is. Per the latter: on the Tumblr page, the person who set it up
has a tagline that reads, LOL EMINEM GOT
. Indeed, a slew of the tweets that have been reproduced on the page
have a distinctively pro-Eminem flavor (plenty of urban and hip-hop dialect
mingles with the more overtly adolescent phrasings), such as:


“Never heard of Aracde
[sic] Fire. Don’t do hippie shit. My boy Slim had that locked up. It’s like
Smirnoff winning vodka of the year or something.” – @GooseDouche


“Man whose Dick did
Arcade Fire suck? #grammys. Who the fuck are these canucks anyway?” –


You get the idea. A number of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber
fans weigh in similarly.


What’s interesting is that among the recognizable names,
celebs including aging, big-boobed ’80s hair metal video vixen Tawny Kitaen and
aging media boob Rosie O’Donnell offer their own idiosyncratic takes on the


 Kitaen, apparently
sucking the bong and watching old Whitesnake videos during Grammy commercials,
tweeted, “Ok, Im not THAT old but whos Arcade Fire? & worse, who the HELL
thinks their good? Did I just lose all my followers? Cuz they sucked, sorry.”


Meanwhile, O’Donnell weighed in with a pithy, “album of the
year ? ummm never heard of them ever” (@Rosie)


(Both tweets appear to be from the actual personalities,
unless they are from accounts set up by fakesters.)


Bottom line: Arcade Fire’s
now playing in the big leagues, haters and all. Industry pundit Bob Lefsetz even felt compelled to weigh in despite his lack of enthusiasm for the band. Once again, congrats to one of
our favorite bands.


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