TSOOL Preps “Golden Greats” Set


Mega-set spans the Swedish garage-psych
legends’ entire career.



The Soundtrack Of
Our Lives (TSOOL) are set to release a collection of career-spanning
songs entitled Golden Greats, No. 1 on March 22.

The band, formed in 1995 out of the ruins of notable underground heroes Union
Carbide Productions, soon forged a nearly two decade history as highly
championed, critically acclaimed, much ballyhooed, psychedelic indie rock
faves, commanding the attention and accolades of not only the hard-to-please
music press, but also making compadres of the likes of Chemical Brothers, The
Charlatans, Oasis, (and other notable contemporaries). The Gallagher Bros,
however, threw down and hit the road with TSOOL in 2002 in support of their album,
Behind The Music, which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2003 for
Best Alternative Album.

TSOOL has since remained respectably active and largely prolific, taking a few
years to drop long playing gems like Origin Vol 1, (2004) and Communion,
(2008) the band’s last album effort, which incidentally prompted an 8 out of 10
review from the NME likening the listening experience of the 2-disc opus
to “… discovering some lost collaboration between ‘Lifehouse’-era Pete
Townshend and “III’-era Led Zep,” but also throwing some neato EPs and singles
into the interim. As expected, the band toured indefatigably throughout the
most of the new millennia’s first decade.

Now with the pending release of Golden Greats, No. 1, The Soundtrack Of
Our Lives gather up the much-loved gems, and some odds and sods and offer up a
special treat for existing disciples and a good excuse to make new ones.

The comp kicks off with the gorgeous, acoustic and anthemic, “Instant Repeater
‘99” from first album Welcome To The Infant Freebase, then into the
languid and compelling “Century Child,” from Extended Revelation for the
Psychic Weaklings of Western Civilization
. Check “Believe I’ve Found,” from
Origin Vol 1, a fantastic highlight to this collection with its eerie
shuffle spring boarding singer Ebbot
Lundberg’s iconic lyric, “there goes my childhood…”

Other highlights include 2004 smash “Big Time,” which hit Numero Uno in Sweden
(from Behind The Music), the ethereal, “Jehovah Sunrise,” from the
aforementioned, Extended Revelation…, the riffy psychohaze of
“Confrontation Camp,” also from …Infant Freebase and “Thrill Me,” “The
Passover,” and “Flipside” from the latest double album, Communion, not
to mention the hauntingly beautiful, “Tonight” prominently featuring
keyboardist Martin Hederos’ gorgeous piano arrangement, also from Behind The
. Golden Greats, No 1 wraps with the plaintive, curious and
absolutely appropriate, “Second Life Replay,” (“I killed myself today… but
I’ll return tomorrow, alive to love again
.) with Baroque-ish refrain,
complete with harpsichord embellishments and soaked, set back vocal tacets
crashing perfectly into a brilliant rock ending. (The tune will be featured in
this Sunday’s episode of Californication.)

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