Time For Some Hot Discipline(s)


Ken Stringfellow’s other band is still smoking…


By Blurt Staff


Disciplines are set to release their sophomore full-length, Virgins of Menace, on February 15 on Seattle’s Spark & Shine
Records. Featuring Ken Stringfellow (The Posies/Big Star), Bjorn Bergene, Baard
Helgeland and Ralla, the Norway based garage-rock quartet scored a massive
Scandanavian hit with, “Oslo”, the first single off their debut album, Smoking Kills,  in 2008.


As BLURT described it in our 8-star review of the album, “stomping garage-rock with
vocals aggressive enough to have followed [Stringfellow’s] neighbors Nirvana to
a life of unimaginable riches back in 1993… from reckless abandon through a
more sophisticated pop approach.”


The band
made their live debut on the main stage at that year’s Oya Festival and went on
to play festivals in the UK,
France, USA, Canada
and South America.


The new
album was recorded in the arctic fishing port of Tromso
and is a staggering masterpiece of venomous, broiling, face-melting rock
infused with the hooky melodies that Posies fans will instantly recognize.
Tracks such as “Some Kind of Sickness” and the opening title track are visceral
and on edge, while “Fate’s a Strong Bitch” features a rant by punk legend Lydia


Disciplines will also be touring North America
in the spring.


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