Return of the Chocolate Watchband!


Long a performing fave among garage aficionados,
the west coast psych legends now put the finishing touches on re-recorded
versions of early hits.


By Blurt Staff


Okay, all you Nuggets heads and garage/psych fiends:
the Chocolate Watchband is returning to the record bins. This famed sixties
group has recorded a new album of their greatest and most popular tunes titled,
sensibly, The Chocolate Watchband
Greatest Hits.
Recorded in 2010 at KVP Studio in Santa Clara, CA,
the focus on this album was to faithfully reproduce the sound of the Chocolate
Watchband in the 60’s with the rawness and energy of the originals. Also added
were bonus verses and extended track mixes of 13 personal and fan favorites.


“The Chocolate Watchband
is back on the scene and ready to rock!” says Tim Abbott, guitarist and
producer of the album. Adds Phil Dirt, local radio DJ and longtime fan, “This
release is all new recordings from The Chocolate Watchband. I had the privilege
of premiering some of these songs on the 2010 Bay Area Garage Band Marathon on
KKUP Cupertino. This is an incredible set of vintage garage from one of the
true legends of the sixties. With this album, there can no doubt the power of
their music still speaks to a whole new generation.”


According to the band, the
goal was to re-create the sound and energy that marked the sixties sessions
with producer Ed Cobb, from the first three Watchband albums that were recorded
for Tower Records in 1966, ’67, and ’68. Electronically reproducing the reverb
of the old ‘Echo Chamber’ from American Recording studio in Studio City, CA,
different percussion instruments were added including sleigh bells,
tambourines, chimes, temple bells and more exotic instruments like sitars,
harpsichords, theremin and bouzouki that gave the original recordings their
distinctive sound.


The band, of course, had
originally split up as the seventies dawned after enjoying a a solid run (they
were featured in seminal teensploitation flicks Riot on Sunset Strip and The
Love Ins
). Then in 1999 they got back together for the Mike Stax-organized
66/99 festival in San Diego
and have continued to perform since then. The current lineup:


David Aguilar- Vocals,
Harmonica, Percussion

Bill Flores- Bass

Gary Andrijasevich- Drums
and Background Vocals

Tim Abbott- Lead Guitar,
Keyboards, Sitar, Flute, Bazooki, Harmonica and Background Vocals.

Alby Cozzette- Electric,
Acoustic, and 12 string Guitars, and Background Vocals.




1. Expo 2000

2. Gone and Passes By

3. It’s All Over Now Baby

4. Are You Gonna’ Be There
(At The Love-in)

5. No Way Out

6. Misty Lane

7. I Ain’t No Miracle

8. Sitting There Standing

9. Sweet Young Thing

10. Don’t Need Your Lovin’

11. I’m Not Like Everybody

12. Let’s Talk About Girls

13. Inner Mystique


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