Republic Of Wolves w/Name-Your-Price LP


The Radiohead model
continues to have resonance.


By Blurt Staff



The Republic of Wolves are kicking off the New Year by
releasing their brand new EP The Cartographer on their Bandcamp page
as a “Pay What You Want” before it hits Amazon/iTunes later this
week. The Bandcamp option is set at a minimum of $.50, allowing fans to pay as
much more as they would like, or not!


an MP3 teaser:


Head to
their Bandcamp page
for more information or to download the record.


a very fast follow-up to the praised LP Varuna which was release this
past November.




01. The
Pilot And The Pilot’s Boy
02. Home
03. Calm Down
04. Widow’s Walk
05. Mirage
06. India
07. The Dead Men Stood Together



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