Report: Dwarves Live in Portland


Report: Dwarves
Live in Portland


Also on the Dec. 30 bill at Dante’s in
Portland: Zeke and P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.


By Tim Hinely

Nice evening of
hi-octane rock and roll and opening up things were Portland’s own P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. who were a
5-piece with a twin-guitar attack and a smart-ass singer. They played a short
set and reminded me a bit of the New Bomb Turks. Good stuff. I had heard lots
about Seattle’s
Zeke over the years and they too had a twin-guitars in your face (a foursome as
the singer also played geetar) and while they were good at what they did it was
not totally my thing. Sorta like a mumbly D.R.I. though  not quite that fast. Still the crowd loved
‘em and the highlights were when the bass player fell over backwards on stage
and then, at the end walked off the stage as his amp fizzled out. I’m guessing
he got yelled at backstage.


Not sure how
long it’s been since I’d last seen San Francisco miscreants The Dwarves but it
was in this past decade (they opened up for someone at Roseland 5 or 6 years
ago).  Other than vocalist Blag Jesus I’m
not even sure who is in the band anymore. Still, they ran through a 35 minute
or so set including plenty of hits (“Back Seat of My Car”, “Fuck You Up and Get
High”, “Drug Store”, etc.) and Blag is still the supreme entertainer (he makes
the best faces), slinking across the stage. If I’m not mistaken I think that
was Queens of the Stone Ages Nick Oliveri on
vocals for part of the set (?). They don’t do the whiz-bang , crazed,
depraved  15 minute sets anymore but
they’re still plenty of fun.





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