Record Store Day set for April 16



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By Blurt Staff


Saturday, April 16th, independently owned record stores across the country will
once again celebrate the culture of the record store with their customers and
friends with Record Store Day. The worldwide event, now
annual, and in its fourth year, stands as a remarkable testimony to the
dedication, not only of the indie record store owner, but also to the artists
and fans that have kept this unique and passionate culture going.


2008, participating stores have celebrated Record Store Day, and have been
supported by artists, who chimed in with resounding in-store performances,
special product and supportive quotes and, perhaps most importantly, the music
fans who make it out to their favorite record store and take advantage of all the
big day has to offer. The impact and success
of Record Store Day has proven more profound with each passing year, 2010
boasting unprecedented sales figures: the more than 1,400 participating stores
worldwide having trumped the previous Saturday by more than 100% with sales of
special and exclusive product and merchandise and prompting Chief Organizer Michael Kurtz’s very rock n’ roll (but
very true within context) quote, “Record Store Day is bigger than Christmas!”


Store Day 2010 even caught the attention of Saturday Night Live that
very evening with Seth Meyers
taking a good natured poke at the event on “Weekend Update,” not to mention
coverage from other worthwhile outlets like NPR, USA TODAY, ROLLING STONE and the ASSOCIATED PRESS, among others.


This year’s event will
undoubtedly be yet another step up for Record Store Day, and news about special
releases, new products, events and more will be coming soon!


more information on exclusive Record Store Day events, products and participants,


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