Reading Assignment: New Dagger ‘zine


By Fred Mills


Sure, they’re a dying breed, fanzines. We’re midway through
an entire generation that has no idea what a “newsstand” is, and even today’s
record store-frequenting youth assumes that any printed publications they
encounter near the check-out counter are nothing but giveaways and local
advertising rags. But c’mon, folks, let’s all raise a toast to the lowly ‘zine,
which is a tangible demonstration of chutzpah and perseverance that nobody with
a WordPress-powered blog can lay claim to. (Seriously, how hard is it to push
the “publish” button on a website, compared to the work that’s involved with
laying out an array of 8 ½” x 10″ pages, arranging ads, shipping the thing off
to a printer and then going about the distribution and mailing of a ‘zine? I
speak here as one who spent over a decade, starting in the late ‘70s, publishing
a string of my own ‘zines…)


BLURT contributor Tim Hinely, straight outta Portland, has
been publishing the mighty Dagger zine for ages now, and with his latest issue, Winter 2010-11, he’s up to number
43. The latest issue features a slew of in-depth Q&As: Bob Fay (Sebadoh,
Cardinal, etc.), weighing in on his career, on the Boston music scene, and
more; Chris Brokaw, likewise talking about his stints in Come, Codeine and even
G.G. Allin’s band; Eric Matthews of Cardinal and solo fame, with the scoop on
his new band called Seinking Ships; and Lisa Fancher and Al Crisafulli, of
Frontier and Dromedary Records fame respectively, on the ups and downs of
operating indie record labels. Plus more reviews than you can shake a walking
stick at.


Check out Dagger while you can – Hinely hints that as he gradually nears the big five-oh mark
(issues, not years) he is mulling over early retirement from da game. You can
get details at the website,,
or let the US Postal Service in on some of the action by writing him at PO Box 820208, Portland
OR 97282.
That funny-looking stuff on your fingers? It’s called ink. You get it from turning the pages of a printed publication. Go
ahead, taste it, it won’t hurt you…



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