Latest Blurt Poll Results Are In


Blurt readership
demonstrates uncommon degree of, uh, common sense.


By Perez Mills


We may be cutting our own throats, slitting our own wrists,
or otherwise killing the goose that shat the golden turd, but… whatevs. The
tally is in, and you readers have spoken: by an overwhelming majority, the
BLURT demographic has made a New Year’s Resolution to “stop answering dumb
online polls.”


Shortly after 2011 dawned we polled you on your resolutions,
and there’s just no contest: a whopping 43% of respondents chose the
poll-taking austerity option. Coming in a distant second (tied, at 9% each)
were “Have sex with at least one stranger per month” and “Petition the Lord
with prayer.”



As you can see from the results, above, it’s mildly alarming
that only one person pledged to “stop drinking.” But we don’t fill out the polls,
YOU do.


Meanwhile, feel free to break that resolution and check out the new BLURT poll, on the left hand
column of the home page, in which we ask you to help us select our next crop of
celebrity bloggers – will it be Henry Rollins? Steve Earle? Justin Earle?
Justin Bieber? La Cicciolina? It’s all in your hands, now…


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