Flaming Lips Get Hopping for 2011

Something about taking
your iPhone into the bathroom, apparently…


By Fred Mills


It’s a busy time in Flaming Lips-land, apparently. Yesterday
an interview with Wayne Coyne was published at Spin.com in which he outlined a
slew of upcoming projects. To wit:


*releasing a new song each month via the web (“Releasing a
new record every two years is boring.”)


*collaborating with Neon Indian at Dave “The 5th Lip”
Fridmann’s studio (“We’re going to do two or three songs with him and that
shit should be ready to go pretty quickly.”)


*a vinyl box titled Heady Nuggs:
The First 5 Warner Bros. Records, 1992-2002
targeted for Record Store Day in April (pictured above)


*a reissue of 1997’s
Zaireeka, but this time made to play on four cell phones instead of four
CD players (“We’re trying to get together as many people with
phones to cram into a bathroom and play it.”) – check out the video they made to ‘splain all this 




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