Faust Returns in March

Legendary Krautrockers
keep on krautin’…


“There is no group more mythical than Faust” thus
wrote English musician and eccentric Julian Cope. And he couldn’t have put
it better. Faust, from Hamburg,
Germany released
their first album in 1971 and went on to be one of the defining groups in the ‘70s
Krautrock movement. One of their albums sold 100,000 copies in the UK. Not bad for
a group who mixed Dadaism,avant-garde rock and free improvisation.


Their new album Something
will be released March 1st on Tapete Records.


Since 2007, the line-up has consisted of founder members Jean-Hervé
Peron and Zappi Diermaier, the English musician James Johnston (founder of the
brutish blues rockers Gallon Drunk and long-standing member of Nick Cave
& the Bad Seeds) plus the English painter, filmmaker, author and musician
Geraldine Swayne.



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