Decemberists Top Billboard Album Chart


What, indeed, defines
an “indie”?


By Blurt Staff


Indie avatars the Arcade Fire did it for a week last year
with The Suburbs, and now another act
beloved by the indie rock community has done it: The Decemberists have earned the first-ever #1 chart position of
their career with the impressive first-week showing of The King Is Dead, released January 18.  The album scanned
93,567 units in the U.S.
in its debut week, landing it at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart,
and has also given the band their highest career chart position in territories
all over the world.


Okay, so technically,
being on Capitol/EMI makes the band a major label act. But The King Is Dead was also released on Rough Trade Records – a quintessential independent label
of long tenure –  in the UK and Europe. And these days, “indie” is often less
a factual description and more an aesthetic. And by our reckoning, the
Decemberists walk like an indie and quack like and indie so that makes ‘em an


Congrats all around. Now
go read our review of the new album as well as our interview with the band that
we published last week.


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