Chuck Berry Collapses Onstage


Legendary rocker
apparently recovers enough, however, to give a little duck walk.


By Fred Mills is reporting that at the “Winter Dance” Chicago concert Saturday
night, Chuck Berry “slumped over” during the performance and had to be taken
offstage for evaluation by medical personnel. A fan at the show, Steve
Handwerker, told reporters that “Berry
was giving an erratic, out-of-tune performance. While sitting at the keyboard, Berry fell onto it face
first and was helped offstage.”


After the emergency medics checked Berry out he was able to return to the
stage, where he told the audience that he’d had his blood pressure and his
chest checked. As the video below show, he then pantomimed a duck walk before
being helped offstage again and leaving the theater.


Yesterday Berry’s agent
Dick Alen said in a statement that Berry, 84,
had been suffering rom exhaustion and had returned home to St. Louis.



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