Black Flag’s Roessler’s Bass Stolen


Custom-made instrument
is a one-of-a-kind. Get in touch if you have any info.


By Fred Mills


Mike Watt wrote in to ask that we spread the word about the
theft of his buddy Kira Roessler’s custom-made Mark Garza bass – she’s pictured
above, with Watt, holding the instrument. According to a report at The Groove
Music Life
, Roessler’s Studio City,
Calif., home was burglarized on
the morning of January 6; additional, unspecified, items were also taken.


Roessler, late of Black Flag and currently working with Watt
as two-bass duo Dos, had the bass made by luthier Garza. It’s described thusly:


A three-quarter-scale
instrument with a Rickenbacker-style body and Telecaster-style headstock with
the name “Garz” on it; there is also a small nick in the headstock.


Needless to say, the instrument stands out visually and
shouldn’t be hard to spot. Anyone with any info can email to and the details will be forwarded to Roessler.


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