Album Sales Tanked Completely in ‘10

So – can we finally
talk Spotify?


By Blurt Staff


Some may call it sobering news, but most would simply shrug
it off as a foregone conclusion: according to the Nielsen SoundScan year-end
report for 2010, the record industry continued its plummet into free-ball as
album sales fell 12.8%. That represents a drop from 373.9 million units to
326.2 million over the past 52 weeks, which in turn represents another 20%
decline for hard-copy CD sales. is reporting on the SoundScan figures today,
noting that a 13% uptick in digital album sales – another inevitability – doesn’t
exactly offset the decline, particularly in light of the fact that a digital
album retails for considerably less than a physical release. Album downloads
clocked in at 86.3 million, up from 76.4 in 2009, which SoundScan says
represents 26.5% of all U.S.
album sales.


Individual song downloads, long seen as a growth area for
the industry, apparently are slowing down, with only a 1% increase for 2010
(1.17 billion units, up from 1.16 in 2009).


Read the entire report over at Billboard – there are
additional breakdowns of figures and commentary on individual sales champions
such as Katy Perry and Eminem.


One word, kids: Spotify.
Until the American music industry gets its head out of the sand and embraces
the streaming subscription model, it’s destined to receive bleak news this time
of year for many years to come.





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