Watch Freaky New Poncho Video

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…


By Blurt Staff


One of our hands-down recent faves around the BLURT compound
lately is Ponchototal (Nacional Records) by Buenos Aires dance/psychedelic rockers
Poncho. Just today, in fact, we posted a review of the album that reads, in


“An audio-visual project not unlike England’s
Underworld [and] enlivened by the spirit of its native Tropicalistas… prime
midnight dancefloor fodder for hot-headed nu-Latin aficionados. Ole.”


Below you can check out the brand new, shrooms-in-the-desert informed video
for the album track “Kansas”.
It features Argentine rockers Banda de Turistas on lead vocals. The video
follows an ekeko making a psychedelic journey into the Argentine desert. The
ekeko is a symbolic folkloric god who is known as a fortune bearer throughout
parts of Latin America.


Some backstory for you newcomers, courtesy the label:


The debut album was produced by British electronica DJ Justin Robertson, who
also sings on several album tracks. “Justin hails from Manchester, England;
he has hours and hours of music in his head and in his life,” bandmember
Leonardo Lopatin says. “Javier Zuker met him a couple years ago and they DJed
together in London.
Justin is a true example of class, style and real good taste. With rock music
at his heart.”


Poncho was created by veterans in the local music scene; Zuker, Fabian Picciano
and Lopatin. “The elements in our music are mostly electronic but the spirit is
rock,” Lopatin says. “We aren’t nerds; we are very much rockers in attitude and
our working environment… and in our sound, above all.”

The group’s live shows are supported by Punga Visual Consorcio, known for their
work creating the visuals for the Chemical Brothers’ North American tour. “The visual aesthetic to Poncho’s live shows is very important,”
Lopatin says. “Beginning with the first couple Poncho shows, we had fire
on the screen behind which made us look like three black silhouettes which we
felt gave a certain feeling to the music. Since then, our great friend, Tomi
Di, the founder of Punga Visual Consorcio, became the ‘fourth Poncho.’ They do
amazing work in designing dynamic visuals to correspond with each song.”

Ponchototal vocal guests span the globe and the local rock scene.
Featured singers include the legendary Argentine rocker Luis Alberto Spinetta
and rising stars Banda de Turistas. “For Spinetta to participate on our album
is a seal of approval, a guarantee of something noble,” Lopatin says. “Having
both him and Banda de Turistas on the album is showing both ends of what
Argentine rock is all about.”


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