Watch: Awesome New Pinker Tones Video


From their equally
awesome album Modular…


By Blurt Staff


Latin alternative electro-rockers the Pinker Tones ditch their hometown of
Barcelona for Tokyo – or at least they’ve cut a fascinating new video for the
song “Tokyo,” from their album Modular (Nacional).
On the track, Mister Furia explores a city in which he’s never been but has
always intrigued him.


“Some of our favorite music, technology, clothes, pop icons and gadgets come
from Tokyo,” he
explains. “And we actually sold our very first vinyl albums in the city. But
for one reason or another, we never actually went there. We’ve ‘almost’ been
there many times, but never actually made it. We are often asked, ‘How was your
experience playing in Japan?
I know you’re huge over there…’ Hence the inspiration for Tokyo.”


With the video, the group wanted to present a trip to such a high-tech
destination through a lo-fi style. “The director and producer came back with
the idea of having an alienated traveler in a hotel room, like the character in
the song,” Furia says. “He ended up recreating a trip to Tokyo in a 1:32 scale, with all the materials
he finds in the room.”

Professor Manso adds: “Tokyo
has become a sort of mythic destination for us; an idealized place. In the
context of our album ‘Modular,’ it is a counterpoint to the song
‘Viajes’ which talks about the places that we have in fact visited. We also
liked the idea of “cut, paste, color me” from the song “Sampleame” applying to
another album song. It follows the concept that all songs on this album are
related pieces.”


Check out the “Tokyo” video below:



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