Sights Issue Limited Edition Live 10”

Detroit rockers do it Live At Leeds style with St. Louis’ Euclid
Records in-store session for super-limited platter.


By Fred Mills


St. Louis-New Orleans
record emporium Euclid Records has just debuted a new 10″ EP as part of their “The
Euclid Sessions” series of singles, in-store band performances recorded live.
The first one up: Detroit garage kings The
Sights, who appeared at the St. Louis
location last May.


The Sights Live at
Euclid Records
features “Happy” (from their 2005 self-titled album) plus
“Hello to Everybody” and “Take and Take” (both from their recent release, Most of What Follows is True; it’s
reviewed HERE at Blurt). The EP is also the only place to get a recording of
their version of Nolan Strong’s “My Heart Will Always Belong To You.”


According to the label, “The art department here at Euclid had a field day.
Taking their cue from the Who’s “Live at
original package, The Sights Live
at Euclid
contains a nice collection of inserts, including a beautiful 20″
poster, an all access pass facsimile, a band payment sheet from a gig in
London, the lyric sheet for performing ‘My Heart Will Always Belong To You,’ a
(lack of) royalty statement from their first album, a review clip from a
newspaper, and a Canadian immigration form.”


Euclid Sessions titles are limited to 300 copies, and $1 for
each one pressed is donated to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund (NOMRF) to
benefit musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina. Euclid Sessions website:


More details on how to obtain the Sights record at the two Euclid websites (, and


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